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Hailea HC-300A 110V (1/4HP=395Watt cooling capacity) Waterchiller

Starting at: $459.95  $399.95
Save: 13% off
Model: HC-300A
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Product Details:

The cooling units from Hailea have been used in trusted waterchillers from other manufacturers for over 15 years. The new heat exchangers of the Ultra series are made from titanium. Therefore the chillers are perfect for watercooling systems. Another positive aspect about the Hailea units is the low noise emission. The pricing of the new series is also pleasantly affordable.

***These are not 230v units!  They are 110V, made for use in the US! ***

New revision:

  • New cool design
  • More robust materials for even longer lifespan
  • Lowered noise emissions
  • Suitable for continuous operation

Noise emissions:

  • The small chillers (like HC150) have a noise emission of  20dB(A) only and can be used near the computer / aquarium without disturbing.
  • Bigger models (like HC500) should be additionally decoupled to reduce the noise level if necessary
  • The models HC1000 und HC 2000 should be extra decoupled or maintained in a separate room.

This waterchiller basically replaces the radiator as the coolant is chilled to the desired temperature by this unit. Temperatures down to 4°C are possible, please note that at low temperatures (high temperature difference) condensate may accumulate. Suitable insulation accessories are also available in our shop. Alternatively the coolant temperature can be set to just below room temperature to avoid this problem.
Thanks to the low temperatures incredible overclocking potential is available! The lifespan of the components is extended by multiples. This system is also great for no-noise applications as the chiller can be located in another room.
We recommend integration of the chiller into the cooling loop in combination with a radiator. This allows use of the chiller when required (overclocking, Benchmarks, summer etc..) and use of the radiator during normal operation.

To estimate the required cooling performance here some non-binding estimates. The exact thermal emissions can be requested from the manufacturer of the hardware.

  • CPU: 80W (standard) to 150W (overclocked)
  • GPU: 20W (small cards) to 150W (current models such as 8800)
  • MB: 10 to 20W per component

The added values of your system must not exceed the given cooling capability of the chiller.

What aquarium size can be cooled with my water chiller?
The manufacturer provides the following data:
Model / aquarium size in liters:

  • HC-130 / 50-100L
  • HC-150 / 50-200L
  • HC-250 / 100-300L
  • HC-300 / 100-400L
  • HC-500 / 200-800L
  • HC-1000 / 300-1000L
  • HC-2000 / 400-1500L

We at Performance PC's wish to advise you that the manufacturer’s data was obtained under optimal circumstances. The temperature response of the aquarium may greatly vary because of insulation, heat from lights respectively sunlight. Hence we recommend using the  larger model when reaching the upper limit of the aquarium size values.

Notes regarding compatibility: The chiller is shipped with fittings for 1" tubing (inner diameter approx. 19 to 20mm). It is shipped with one pair of straight and one pair of 90° angled fittings. To use standard fittings the following adapter is recommended: Art. 37018 for G1/4" or 37019 for G3/8". See below.


  • Input Voltage: 110V
  • Power: 1/4 HP
  • Power consumption: 190W
  • Cooling capacity: 390W (suitable for extreme OC and cooling)
  • Recommended coolant flow: 500-2500 l/h
  • Weight: 18,6kg
  • Cooling agent: R134A
  • Dimensions: 448x330x440mm (LxWxH)
  • Heat exchanger material: Titanium
  • max. compressive load: 0,8bar
  • Temperature adjustments: Digital read-out (precision 0,1°C), temperature setting in 1°C steps
  • current demand: 1.8 A (50 Hz)
  • current drain: 414 W

Note for first-time users:
If you should have problems with your chiller please contact us. In most cases there is no actual problem with the chiller, but the functionality of the unit is not fully understood by the user yet.
Please note the following: The compressor unit automatically switches itself on and off, if the temperature sensor is manipulated your warranty is void, the noise level or an allegedly not sufficient cooling performance are no reason for a reclamation. The chiller can only function properly if the cooling loop is equipped with a sufficiently powerful pump. If these facts are considered most reclamations can be avoided and you will greatly enjoy this product!
Note for aquarium-use:
The cooling performance is affected by the aquarium-lamp the reduced pump power due to filters and the thermal waste of the pump. We therefore recommend to order the chiller at least on power-lever higher that theoretically calculated


Overclockingstation - "The Titan's something for enthusiasts and overclockers. With the Titan 500 Ultra Hailea can already considerable successes in the cooling capacity. But you get the product OverclockingStation the Bronze Award."


Zockon - "The Hailea HC-500A carries out his work and clean install does not have any problems."

bit-tech (engl.) - "...if you're seeking the very best cooling and overclocking for your PC then the Hailea HC-500A is definitely worth considering as it provides far more cooling potential, convenience and adjustability than any form of extreme cooling."


***Important Notes: This product is only for shipment in the continental US 48 states. Do not order if you are outside this area as we will not be able to deliver this. This product will only be shipped via UPS. This product is NOT returnable once the box is open. We can offer support and/or a part if their is an issue but chillers cannot be returned once they are used for any period of time. Please do not order this if you are inexperienced at watercooling and not capable to help support the product if there is a need for a part swap. Please, this is not equipment for novices or those that just want to "experiment". Please email us first if you have any questions regarding these policies or the product itself. *** 

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$459.95  $399.95
Save: 13% off

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 16 December, 2011.
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