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Ice Dragon Cooling Nanofluid Coolant - 32 oz.

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Product Details:

Ice Dragon Cooling started out as a research project by two doctoral students in the University of South Carolina's Mechanical Engineering Department. The project involved investigating the heat transfer enhancement potential of nanofluids. The results of the project proved that significant heat transfer enhancement in thermal management systems was possible using nanofluid as the working fluid. This was only the beginning as after completing their PhDs, Ice Dragon Cooling was founded. Since then Ice Dragon Cooling has focused its research and development into creating state of the art nanofluid coolants. Ice Dragon Cooling stands alone as a pioneer of cutting edge nanofluid coolant development and is continually striving to push thermal management boundaries. Our focus is on creating novel technologies for the enhancement of heat transfer. Ice Dragon nanofluid coolants are a standard of excellence of only the utmost quality and are engineered to give the highest thermal performance of any coolant available.

The product of this research was an advanced nanofluid coolant that enhanced heat transfer by almost 20%.  With limitations on practical heat exchanger designs this cooling fluid stands to revolutionize the electronics cooling field by allowing increased heat removal with the same or even smaller sized cooling hardware. Recognizing the need for such a product in the computer industry, the developers are now making this advanced cooling fluid commercially available.

A graph of the Ice Dragon Cooling Fluid is shown below compared to de-ionized water.

One of the advantages of Ice dragon Cooling fluid is that comparable heat removal rates can be achieved with the same size components but with lower fluid flow rates.  This can have a two fold advantage in that it will ultimately save energy, especially at the larger liquid cooled server scale, and it will reduce noise because of reduced pump and fan speeds. 

The amount of pump work is related to the viscosity of the working fluid.  Therefore, an investigation was done during research and development to determine viscosity differences. The graph below shows that at room temperature there are differences in the viscosity of the Ice Dragon Cooling fluid compared to water.  However , as temperature increases the viscosity difference decreases.  At normal operating temperatures of cooling fluids there is no appreciable difference in the viscosity compared to water.  This demonstrates that at normal system operating temperatures there will be negligible increase in pump work due to differences in viscosity and proves energy savings potential of reduced pump and fan speeds.

The benefits in the gaming aspect are tremendous.  Testing on high end gaming computers has proven successful.  Temperatures have been shown to be reduced by over 4 degrees in serious gaming systems.  One of the common misconceptions about thermal control of gaming computers is that a large radiator is necessary for heat removal.  It is common to see large radiators that are capable of removing several times the heat that a CPU or CPU/GPU combination can produce.  This is an unnecessary practice because it is impossible to lower the temperature of the working fluid to less than the ambient temperature. For systems that are extremely overclocked and pushing the thermal envelope Ice Dragon Cooling fluid can be a real benefit.  The thermal management system can be small enough to fit within the case yet still be capable of keeping temperatures in the proper range.

Custom Builds Using Ice Dragon:

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  • 1 32 oz. Bottle




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