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Author: Jeremy Birch

  1. Mechanical Keyboard DIY, the new hobby!

    Mechanical Keyboard  DIY, the new hobby!

    "So what's up with this mechanical keyboard stuff?"

    That is an excellent question; one that is not without infinite answers.

    Admittedly, mechanical keyboard people are very dedicated. And I mean 'dedicated' in the sense of being obsessed. Like any enthusiasts group, we're in it for the long-haul. And I say that with the utmost respect because I too am a keyboard cultist. "We" share the love and desire for mechanical keyboards, and everything that comes along with them. There does tend to be some 'clicks' (get it?) with keyboard people though, such as linear people, clicky people, and tactile people. And I've even seen snobbish people who only buy top-end kits created in closed private group-buys of like a dozen units only and won't even talk to the budgety people because they're 'low-class peasants'.

  2. AMD Ryzen Waterblock Choices

    AMD Ryzen Waterblock Choices

    Well well well. So, you bad-mouthed AMD for having crappy architecture 6 months ago, and now you're thinking of going to the red side and running a new Ryzen-based AMD system, huh? And on top of that, you're thinking of putting it on liquid/water? Well you're in luck, ya fair-weather fan turncoat! ;)

  3. CaseLabs SM8 Merlin Modified

    CaseLabs SM8 Merlin Modified

    Who wants a Case Labs case? --No, no, calm down....I'm not giving one away (nor would I!); I'm simply asking a rhetorical question!

    The goal of this project was to give the Man with The Plan behind PPCs a new, kick-ass rig built with new, kick-ass gear. And the first case that came to mind was Case Labs!

  4. The New D5 Standard? Alphacool Eispumpe VPP755

    The New D5 Standard? Alphacool Eispumpe VPP755

    EEL here.

    We always knew the day would come when the D5 finally met its replacement. We've seen 'false prophets' before such as Koolance's PMP-500, but they just didn't hit the mark; loud, clunky and personally speaking, not all that sexy looking (it looks like I should be plugging my airbrush into it!). Thinking back on the D4 being replaced by the D5, I'm wondering if this new model pump that has come out of the ether will also be transcending in the proposed possibilities?


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