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Dreamhack Dallas 2019

Dreamhack Dallas 2019

For any of you that have ever been to a Convention such as Dreamhack you understand me when I tell you that it was a unforgettable and incomparable experience, and for those who have never been to such a Con like Dreamhack you are missing out. This blog is a rundown of my first but definitely not my last experience at Dreamhack.


I want to first start out by thanking EKWB, Bitspower, Singularity Computers, Cablemod, Corsair and Hardwarelabs for helping sponsor this event so that we may attend and educate people on what it means to watercool their computer. These companies not only helped sponsor the event in the way of paying for a percentage our booth and other Fee’s but they also supplied us with Giveaway items and parts to display at the event that way people could actually get a look at what watercooling really is and for this I thank each and every one of you and hope that we can continue this for years to come.



Now this was not my first convention I have ever attend for PPCS as I have attend Quakecon the year before, but it was the first one that I planned from start to end and also attend and ran the booth all 3 days. I ended up putting my heart into planning this event trying to make it the best it could be from them computers and products on display down to the giveaway items i secured for the event. It was a long and stressful process and I can now truly respect people that put on these massive events on a day to day basis.

Kyle (Part of the PPCS Amazon team) and I left Florida around 5am and arrived in Dallas a little before 9am. We decided to head straight from the airport to the convention center since we would not be able to get into our hotel till 3pm and we knew setup for the booth still needed to be done. To say that setup went smoothly would be a utter lie, upon arriving at our booth we were missing one of the computers that Matt Oustad had sent for us for display and the Dreamhack crew had no clue where it was. We also had to set up all the Glass displays and then fill each glass display properly with the products we had brought. In the end the computer was found, and the products were all set up for the next day.





Walking up to the convention center on the first day of the event really opened my eyes to how crazy this event was going to be. The first day started out a little slow as people still had to register before getting into the event but by noon the event was booming and so was our booth. Our booth was always surrounded with people who wanted to learn about what watercooling was, check out the new Corsair line or just stopping by to say hi and that they were happy to see us there. Each day we managed to do a giveaway with some of the amazing watercooling parts we were given to give away.


In the end I think the event went amazing, from introducing people to watercooling or discussing some of the new and amazing things that were soon to come to the PC world. I have to say it is always a satisfying feeling being able to talk to customers that have been shopping with us for years or being able to talk to be who are just starting out and need some guidance.

See you next year Dreamhack!


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