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  1. PDXLAN 2019 - An Event to Remember

    PDXLAN 2019 - An Event to Remember

    PDXLAN is one of the smallest events that we have attended so far, but with this being said it would have to be one of our favorites. The community that gets together to hold this kind of event is one of a kind. They seem more like a family then a random group of people wanting to get together and game. From start to finish we felt welcomed and appreciated for attending with multiple current and future customers coming to our booth to talk about watercooling. PDXLAN is amazing and if you ever get the chance to attend one I hope that you do.



  2. Quakecon 2019

    Quakecon 2019

    This years Quakecon can be summed up in three words Stressful, Fun and Rewarding. With this being one of the biggest events that we do, and my second one that I have personally planned for Performance-PCs, I decided let’s go big or go home. With plans for more Sponsors, Display Products, Builds and Giveaways ....and I think we did just that!

  3. Dreamhack Dallas 2019

    Dreamhack Dallas 2019

    For any of you that have ever been to a Convention such as Dreamhack you understand me when I tell you that it was a unforgettable and incomparable experience, and for those who have never been to such a Con like Dreamhack you are missing out. This blog is a rundown of my first but definitely not my last experience at Dreamhack.

  4. Quakecon 2018

    Quakecon 2018 Have you ever been to a con or gaming event? If you have, I’m sure you can agree that they are not only a great place to hang out with your tech friends, but they are also great for meeting new ones. This is especially true for QuakeCon in Grapevine Texas every year. This was my second year attending the event, and it was even better than the year before! Read more...
  5. Quakecon 2017

    Quakecon 2017

    Hey PPCs fans! If you weren't fortunate enough to make it out to Dallas, Texas this year, I'm here to fill you in on all the glory that is Quakecon. Before we get to the jaw dropping builds, epic cosplays, and new friendships formed, I just want to thank all of the customers, future customers, friends and partners of PPCs that I got meet during my time at Quakecon.


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