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EK Teams Up with MSI to Offer the "Coolest" Motherboard to Date!

EK Teams Up with MSI to Offer the

Who else likes a good monoblock watercooling solution for their favorite motherboard and CPU combinations? I know I sure do! MSI and EK Waterblocks have teamed up again on another amazing watercooling hardware combo! This is a full feature, ATX motherboard that’s itching for the fanciest watercooling loop you can throw at it, right out of the box. Both MSI and EK pulled out all the stops for this release, so I’ll do my best to portray what they brought to the table but I have a feeling this board has too many points of interest for just one article.







The Basics


The MSI MPG Z590 Carbon EK X ATX motherboard is a full fledged, watercooling and overclocking champion for the latest Intel 11th generation processors. This one of a kind piece of hardware comes in at $499 USD, making it the most affordable liquid cooled motherboard on the market. It even comes with an EK Leak Tester to make it a worry free watercooling experience for everyone involved. The Z590 chipset is Intel’s latest, and will support both the current 10th gen. CPUs as well as the upcoming 11th gen. chips. MSI packed the board with every feature you could ever want, including LAN Manager, Audio Boost 5, and other gaming oriented features. Both the motherboard and the monoblock come equipped with addressable RGB LEDs to be seamlessly controlled by MSI’s Mystic Light Sync. Overall, you really won’t find more in any other box you pay $499 for.



What’s so special?


To the newcomers in watercooling, or even high end PC builds for that matter, may have trouble distinguishing some of the best features of this kit compared to others. For those of us that have been in this game a little while longer, know full well that finding both a solid motherboard and a good looking monoblock for said motherboard, can be an extremely challenging task. Thankfully EK and MSI’s collaboration has once again brought a package deal that checks all the boxes! The liquid cooling monoblock is designed, and produced in house entirely by EK and their team of engineers; so you can rest assured you will be getting a high quality block that also has top tier performance. Not only does this block mesh right into the board’s modern aesthetic with it’s own carbon accents and the included addressable RGB LEDs, but it also houses a visual flow meter to boot. MSI’s Digital 16+1+1 Power Design for CPU power delivery is conveniently cooled by EK’s monoblock to allow you to achieve some of the highest overclocks possible with watercooling. If all of those epic features don’t seal the deal for you, then look no further than the flawless carbon fiber accents that tie the entire motherboard and monoblock together to give this board both a modern, but powerful aesthetic. There’s really nothing not to love about this board!





Still need more?


Clearly this short blog doesn’t cover everything this board has to offer us, which is why I will be personally taking a much more in depth and hands on look at this board and share my findings with you all via our Youtube channel. Subscribe here so you don’t miss it! I will take you through a step by step CPU and water cooling loop install as well as testing out just how far we can push an Intel 10900KF with this sweet setup! Be sure to follow along as we will be giving away this motherboard and CPU together to one lucky subscriber!



The MSI MPG Z590 Carbon EK X will be available early March on EK’s webstore here.

All motherboard purchases include a $65 USD coupon code for the EK webstore! Now that deserves a BIG Woo Hoo! :)

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