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Quakecon 2017

Quakecon 2017

Hey PPCs fans! If you weren't fortunate enough to make it out to Dallas, Texas this year, I'm here to fill you in on all the glory that is Quakecon. Before we get to the jaw dropping builds, epic cosplays, and new friendships formed, I just want to thank all of the customers, future customers, friends and partners of PPCs that I got meet during my time at Quakecon.

I arrived at Quakecon shortly before the doors opened on Thursday morning and immediately started making new friends. I was honored to be able to tag along with Miguel, Matt, and Nick from EKWB, who met me at the front door and threw me into the mix of all the happenings at Quakecon this year. EKWB had brought a custom rig built by Miguel himself to give away.


This was just the first of many incredible builds I saw last weekend. Directly across form exhibit hall was the BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) LAN event area. The entire half of this room was full of custom PCs; from some very clean loops to the craziest scratch builds you've ever seen, the BYOC had it all. It was my pleasure to be able to walk around in the BYOC and meet some of the owners of these spectacular systems as well. I even found some of PPCs handiwork in the crowd of PCs! It was an amazing experience for me to be able to walk up and talk to so many friends of PPCs and share my passion for watercooling and modding with them.


EK was also kind enough to let me go up on stage with them when they talked about the PC they were giving away. It was so surreal for me to be able to stand up there and talk to so many PC enthusiasts at once, about the retailer I love, Performance-PCs. Those who attended the stage events EK held, were also lucky enough to get some free PPCs swag! It was too much fun seeing the smiles that the T shirts, hats and other PPCs gear, brought to everyone's faces.

Not only did I get to feel like a celebrity, but I also met several actual icons of the PC community along the way! Fractal Josh could be seen roaming around the event and I was fortunate enough to get to spend some time talking with him about some pretty interesting YouTube content. Rod from BS Mods also attended the event on behalf of MSI and talked with me for quite awhile about modding and watercooling. I can't wait until I can get even more involved with these community members in the future. It truly is an honor to be apart of such a friendly and accepting community.

Overall it was a very busy weekend and I'm still recovering from Quakecon as we speak. However, it was an unforgettable trip and hope that I get to attend it, and many more events like it in the future. Directly connecting with fans of PPCs is definitely something I hold in high regard, and will do my best to only do it more in the future.

Until next time! Happy modding!

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