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Quakecon 2019

Quakecon 2019

This years Quakecon can be summed up in three words Stressful, Fun and Rewarding. With this being one of the biggest events that we do, and my second one that I have personally planned for Performance-PCs, I decided let’s go big or go home. With plans for more Sponsors, Display Products, Builds and Giveaways ....and I think we did just that!



To Start we had biggest booth we have ever had at any event so far. With a bigger booth that means more sponsors, more products to display and more builds to bring. So, with a little help from our Amazing Sponsors EKWB, Bitspower, Singularity Computers, Alphacool, Hardware Labs, Cablemod, Barrow and Barrowch I was able to fill this beautiful booth with sales and display items for everyone to see. Next I contact Both Aubrey Navarro and Ben Quintanilla about supplying us with some of their one of a kind masterpieces to display at our booth and trust me they were MASTERPIECES!



 Not only did we go big or go home on the booth and the display items we also went big on giveaway items. I was able
to get multiple giveaway items from our sponsors and even was able to get Thermaltake to help
us out with supplying some additional and yet still amazing prizes.



This might not seem like much out of the ordinary for PPCs to put together for a giveaway like this and I agree. So, I got in contact with Brandon McCarthy of MellowMods a fellow Quakecon enthusiast and also big time modder and we planned a epic PC Giveaway. Not only do I appreciate Brandon to the upmost extent for putting as much time and effort into this build, But I also am super thankful to all who sponsored this build Singularity Computers for the Spectre case, Nvidia for the 2080 Super card, EVGA for the Motherboard and PSU, Bitspower for the Watercooling parts and Cablemod for the LEDs. This build could not have happened without the help from these companies.



Day one of Quakecon was an interesting one. Kyle, Rory and I left Florida and made it to Texas with no issues. The real issues started when we made it to our booth and discovered one of our full display cases had been destroyed, but with that being an un-fixable issue we disposed of it and moved on. Setting up the booth took us about 6-7 hours but with the amazing help of Aubrey Navarro and Ben Quintanilla it was done and it looked great and we were ready for the day one of the show.



With day one of the convention starting and our booth looking great and even better than some if not all of the other booths, except for Bethesda booths of course, I felt confident that this year was going to be great. As the day went on we met a bunch of awesome customer that shop through our site, people that have heard about us and then people that just loved all the cool watercooling part and PC we had to show off.






The Second Day of the event was twice as busy with at least double the attendees, our giveaway during the day and the PC giveaway scheduled for later that night. After doing our giveaway at 2 I was able to sneak away to the BYOC to check out some of the amazing builds that people brought to the show. Now I know when you think LAN Party you think of gaming, but LAN parties are more then that they are a place to game, hang out, meet new friends, and most of all show of your sweet PC building skills and at Quakecon there is no short on that.




That night Quakecon had their annual Block Party where we were scheduled to give away our Spectre build (keyword being were). At this Block party they usually do a bunch of bigger giveaways, some announcements, and there annual Modders INC. Mod competition. Since Aubrey Navarro brought her amazing build I had convinced her to enter it into the competition. She came in second place for best Modded build, but she was voted Fan favorite for the whole Mod Competition where she won a Star Wars edition Titan Xp which in turn was probably better then winning first. As mentioned we were suppose to giveaway our build that night but in the end Quakecon gave us wrong information and our time was skipped.



As the final day started, I was a little frustrated as our Spectre giveaway was our biggest one we had ever arranged. I was about to speak with some of the staff and we secured a time in the morning to do the giveaway on the last day. As the time came to do the giveaway both Brandon McCarthy and I got on stage and waited for the crowd to gather. With about 300 people waiting to hear their name be called we managed to through 2 names and still no winner on the 3rd name pull we had a winner. I swear this guy was so ecstatic and in disbelief we almost passed out.



In the end the guy that won this build was the most deserving. I was able to speak to his mother while he was away and she had informed me that Quakecon was a last second decision for them as her son (the guy who won the build) was set to get surgery to remove a Softball size tumor in his chest.  After hearing their store it made the whole event worth it to me even Quakecon’s screw up on our time schedule for the giveaway.

In the end the Event went great even with the few hiccups that happened. We met a ton of current customers and even talked to a lot of people who are interest in starting watercooling. I love doing these events it is always a great way meet new customers, companies and just show the industry what Performance-PCs is all about.

Last but not least I want to thank everyone that helped run this booth Kyle Guisewhite, Rory Richards, Aubrey Navarro Ben Quintanilla and Blake Dove. Thank you to Brandon McCarthy of MellowMods for putting together the beautiful Doom themed Singularity Spectre for our giveaway and then a huge thanks to all the sponsors EKWB, Singularity Computers, Bitspower, Alphacool, Hardware Labs, Cablemod, Barrow, Barrowch, Thermaltake, EVGA and Nvidia.

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