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AMD Ryzen Waterblock Choices

AMD Ryzen Waterblock Choices

Well well well. So, you bad-mouthed AMD for having crappy architecture 6 months ago, and now you're thinking of going to the red side and running a new Ryzen-based AMD system, huh? And on top of that, you're thinking of putting it on liquid/water? Well you're in luck, ya fair-weather fan turncoat! ;)

Alright, no more poking fun at ya! -- let's get down to business. There are plenty of waterblocks available that are currently (or will be shortly) compatible with the new AM4 socket. Let's get that thing cooled down so you can clock the beast up and enjoy some Intel-smashing throughput!

Numerous choices are available in one form or another out the gate with Ryzen. Here are a few listed out for you to reference and peruse!

• EK's offerings! -- EK's Supremacy EVO is available for AM4 out-of-box if you're looking to use new hardware entirely!

EK also offers a replacement top-plate that allows you convert one of your existing Intel-based (or even the older AM3 version, etc.) blocks over to AM4 simply by the removal of four screws from the base, and a careful changeover (watch those o-rings!).

• Alphacool's offerings! -- Alphacool's Eisblock XPX is available with AM4 socket support!

If you already own the Eisblock XPX block, they also have a a bracket upgrade available now!

• Swiftech's offerings! -- The XL2 block also has the AM4 bracket pre-installed available for purchase here right now!

Swiftech also has an AM4 bracket upgrade for the current Apogee XL2 blocks if you already have one, as well as previous Apogee XL blocks along with their cooling H-kits.

• XSPC's offerings! -- XSPC's Raystorm Pro as well as the original Raystorm V.3 are now available in AM4 configuration!

For those that have an existing Raystorm Pro block or Raystorm original V.3 block, don't fear! -- they have the brackets available separately for each model as well; Raystorm Pro retrofit bracket kit, and Raystorm original retrofit bracket kit.

• Watercool's offerings! -- Watercool's HEATKILLER® IV now has a bracket available that we will have shortly that will adapt existing blocks to AM4 support, as well as new AMD version blocks shipping from factory with the bracket installed that we will have stock of shortly.

• Aquacomputer's offerings! -- Aquacomputer's Cuplex Kryos NEXT is reportedly AM4-compatible as well, but we don't have a verified answer as of yet on that.

• Bitspower's offerings! -- Bitspower blocks, as of this writing, we do not know for certain what will be available. We're assuming they will have an AM4 bracket available soon though. We will update this as we get more information.

We hope this sheds a little light on the whole AMD AM4 thing for you, and helps in your decision-making. Now.... bring me that hoRyzen!

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