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  1. Channelz - Premium Liquid Cooling Water Distribution Plates

    Channelz - Premium Liquid Cooling Water Distribution Plates

    Water distribution plates, or manifolds as they are also referred to, have been taking the open loop community by storm for a number of years now. In late 2018 Performance PCs took its first step into the custom distribution plate market by purchasing their first CNC mill. Since then we have expanded our line of manifolds to over 20 different SKUs with some of the highest quality in the industry. 




  2. Distros vs. Distro Cases - What’s the difference?

    Distros vs. Distro Cases - What’s the difference?

    In our last blog I wrote about the differences between distribution plates and the classic tube style reservoirs, as well as the pros and cons of using either one. Today, I would like to have a discussion about distros and distro cases. In case you missed that last blog, don’t worry, I will take some time to explain what these are… but you should probably go take a look at that last blog as well.




  3. Singularity Computers and PPCs Team Up!

    Singularity Computers and PPCs Team Up!

    Today, we are proud to announce a new partnership with Singularity Computers and Performance-PCs. We have had a relationship with Singularity for years and have been selling their products for the past several. This new endeavor is all about producing top of the line watercooling components at a fair price to all of our customers worldwide.


  4. Custom Waterways at PPCs

    Custom Waterways at PPCs

    Hello fellow modders and watercoolers! If you’ve been at this hobby for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen one of the new trends in watercooling. WATERWAYS, or distribution plates as others call them. They’re handy for streamlining your tubing runs, and are most definitely pretty to look at in those custom builds. The only problem is that they take a CNC mill in order to make, not to mention a bit of experience with machining. One solution to this is off-the-shelf waterways from brands like EKWB, Bykski, and Barrow, however, these are all designed for specific cases, with a set hardware configuration.




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