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All About UFO Technologies

All About UFO Technologies

If you haven’t heard of UFO Technologies yet, then you’ll want to keep reading further. If you have heard of them and maybe even purchased one of their products, this blog will give you my take on what I think of the brand.

To give you a little bit of background, I have been testing UFO Technologies for the better part of four months. I have had the pleasure of trying out their Cryo-Chillz 3D Coolant, Ultra-Chillz Opaque Coolant, Rad Radiance Radiator Cleaner, and Event Horizon System Cleaner. You may not have even seen some of these products as they are not on PPCs shelves quite yet.



Cryo-Chillz 3D Coolant is the flagship product that UFO Technologies first came to market with. PPCs picked up these coolants at the beginning of this year which was about the same time I began testing this coolant. Most, if not all, watercoolers have seen 3D coolants and are typically left in awe… either by it’s sheer good looks, or its aftereffects on a custom loop. As a watercooler myself I’ve seen both sides of these types of coolants, both first hand and from the numerous other watercoolers I talk to. I can safely say that 3D coolant isn’t for every custom liquid cooler out there, as it takes a higher degree of care and caution to use. Personally, I’ve only tested Cryo-Chillz 3D Coolant, so I can’t speak for all the options on the market. UFO Technologies’ 3D Coolant is a very promising line of effect coolant and seems to be getting even more so with each day. Daniel, the owner and creator of UFO, has been working non-stop to get this coolant to be where it is today. If you want to check out my first trial run with Cryo-Chillz 3D Coolant you can watch this episode of the Builder’s Club Live Show from back in December of 2017. I just received Daniel’s latest formulation of Cryo-Chillz last week and will be testing it soon, subscribe to our Youtube channel to check out this stuff live! If you want to pick up some Cryo-Chillz for your own loop, you can always find it here at PPCs.



Ultra-Chillz Opaque is a newer line of products from UFO that has more than caught my eye. I’ve had several test batches of this coolant and just recently put some “Cosmic Grey Opaque” in my personal rig. This coolant looks very similar to coolants like Mayhems Pastel, or PrimoChill True Opaque, and performs just as well if not better than those tried and true coolants. Ultra-Chillz Opaque isn’t quite on PPCs shelves yet, but keep your eyes peeled, because it will be soon! I will also be testing some more of this coolant, beyond just the batch in my personal rig, so stay tuned for more content on this stuff soon!



The last two products that UFO has brought to light recently is their Rad Radiance radiator cleaner, and their Event Horizon system cleaner. As both a watercooler myself, and an employee of a watercooling retailer, I can more than attest to the fact that this industry needed more and better cleaning solutions! These products are exactly what we needed as consumers and I can’t wait for PPCs to get this stuff on the shelves as well. I just recently tested the Rad Radiance against Mayhems Blitz Pt. 1 and got some pretty good results from what I could tell. Granted it was only one test, but you can find my results here. in my post in the PPCs Builder’s Club on Facebook. I also threw the Event Horizon system cleaner in my personal loop before I put in the Ultra-Chillz Opaque. From my first experience with this cleaning solution, I can say I was left in shock. I had already hand cleaned most, if not all, the components in my system before I installed them. However, Event Horizon actually picked up some gunk/sediment that I had missed. Not only that, it polished my nickel plated blocks so well I could see the milling marks again! To me, it seems that Even Horizon may be my go to system cleaner from here on out, but I’ll keep you all posted with more test results of both these cleaning solutions from UFO Technologies.

UFO Technologies is pretty new to the consumer market side of the custom watercooling scene, but rest assured, Daniel works tirelessly at making his products the best they can be. The brand has come a long way in the short time I’ve been working with them, and I can only expect it to get better from here! From my perspective, I believe UFO Technologies products are worth checking out and maybe even trying in your own custom loop.

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If you have any questions about UFO and their products Daniel is always happy to help! Feel free to contact him here: daniel_mangan@yahoo.com

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