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UV Printing - The Newest Custom Service at PPCs

UV Printing - The Newest Custom Service at PPCs

Building the perfect custom PC can be a lot of hard work, as many of you probably know. Researching components, assembling all the pieces properly, and getting everything to work together is no small task. If you’re like me and find the need to make your build stand out from the rest, then you spend even more time on custom mods. One of the most tedious parts of modding can be the paint work. Not only does this take a lot of time, but it takes some amount of skill as well. This is why I’ve started to turn to UV printing.


What is UV Printing?
Back in 2000 UV printing was first used in wide format for commercial printing. Since then the PC industry has begun to pick it up for use in custom mods. “UV” meaning “Ultra Violet” is the means this printer uses to cure the ink it lays down, making it dry very quickly and adhere to almost any surface. The ink can replicate just about any color in the RGB spectrum and is very durable. We can print on both flat and cylindrical surfaces alike, making it perfect for PC case panels and reservoirs.



How We Do It
Here at PPCs, we have a Compress iUV Industrial printer. It features a 45” x 30” bed with over 1400 nozzles on the printer head. The bed itself can lower nearly 12”, which allows us to print on a myriad of different PC components. We can print nearly anything you want with extreme detail and color accuracy. We recommend that you use an image that has at least 300DPI and is slightly larger than what you want it printed on. At the end of the day, the higher quality the image, the better the print is going to be.



What You Need To Do
If you want your next custom project to feature UV printing, all you need to do is head over to performance-pcs.com/special-services. We already offer several options including CPU block covers and GPU backplates with much more to come! Once you select your mod, just upload an image and add it to your cart. After you’ve placed your order, please send garrett@performance-pcs.com an email to confirm that your print is going to work out. If there are any issues Garrett will be happy to help you sort them out and ensure your mod becomes exactly what you want!

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