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  1. Distros vs. Distro Cases - What’s the difference?

    Distros vs. Distro Cases - What’s the difference?

    In our last blog I wrote about the differences between distribution plates and the classic tube style reservoirs, as well as the pros and cons of using either one. Today, I would like to have a discussion about distros and distro cases. In case you missed that last blog, don’t worry, I will take some time to explain what these are… but you should probably go take a look at that last blog as well.




  2. Distros vs. Reservoirs - Which is Better?

    Distros vs. Reservoirs - Which is Better?

    If you’ve been interested in the watercooling scene or even the custom PC community in general, you have probably seen a fair few liquid cooled builds with either a distro or a tube style pump reservoir combo. With the variety, and options available for both styles, I hope this blog can help you all make a decision as to which is going to be best for your custom loop build.




  3. Budget Watercooling Loops from the Best Brands

    Budget Watercooling Loops from the Best Brands

    When I see most newcomers to the watercooling scene try to pick out their first loop more often than not, pick parts from the same manufacturer. This is not a bad idea at all as it is a great way to ensure the best compatibility between all of your components. In light of that, I wanted to personally take some time to go over basic loop setups from all the major brands and about how much they will each cost you. In order to keep it simple, I will go over the price and components from each brand with a D5 pump/reservoir combo, CPU block, 6 compression fittings, 10ft. Soft tubing, and a 360mm thin (~30mm thick) radiator.




  4. EK Teams Up with MSI to Offer the "Coolest" Motherboard to Date!

    EK Teams Up with MSI to Offer the

    Who else likes a good monoblock watercooling solution for their favorite motherboard and CPU combinations? I know I sure do! MSI and EK Waterblocks have teamed up again on another amazing watercooling hardware combo! This is a full feature, ATX motherboard that’s itching for the fanciest watercooling loop you can throw at it, right out of the box. Both MSI and EK pulled out all the stops for this release, so I’ll do my best to portray what they brought to the table but I have a feeling this board has too many points of interest for just one article.




  5. How To Pick Out the Perfect Drain Setup

    How To Pick Out the Perfect Drain Setup

    Selecting all the components and fittings for a custom when you are a newcomer to this hobby is a pretty daunting task by itself, which is why we have a three part blog that delves into all those nitty gritty details here, as well as countless how to videos and product overviews on our YouTube channel here. However, today we are going to talk about the part of a custom loop that can stump even veteran watercoolers. This of course, would be the often overlooked, drain setup.


  6. Singularity Computers and PPCs Team Up!

    Singularity Computers and PPCs Team Up!

    Today, we are proud to announce a new partnership with Singularity Computers and Performance-PCs. We have had a relationship with Singularity for years and have been selling their products for the past several. This new endeavor is all about producing top of the line watercooling components at a fair price to all of our customers worldwide.


  7. The Best Fitting Money Can Buy?

    The Best Fitting Money Can Buy?

    The drain fitting, also known as a drain valve or ball valve, is a topic with many questions - especially from newcomers to custom loops. Although it is not required for your open loop setup, it is most definitely recommended. Ball valves are made by basically every brand on the market and also come in a variety of styles. Confusion often starts here, with selecting the proper drain fitting and will typically continue all the way through installation. Which is why I am here to show you Touchaqua’s “Water Exhaust Fitting”! Yes, you read that right, it is called a water exhaust fitting, however, it can be used for a variety of purposes. Read on to see why this could be your next best investment for your custom loop.

  8. Temperature Sensors and Why You Need Them!

    Temperature Sensors and Why You Need Them!

    Do you ever wonder why all your fans in your custom cooled rig speed up and slow down so erratically when you boot up a game or start doing some intense video editing? These rapid changes in fan speeds can be extremely annoying if you’re not wearing your headphones or headset. Many custom liquid coolers spend the money and time on their custom loop so they don’t have to listen to a PC that sounds like a F40 fighter jet taking off from their desk. So how do we make that happen? You might not believe me, but all it takes is a single component that costs less than $10. Keep on reading and discover why you should buy a temperature sensor for your custom loop today!

  9. Alphacool Eisblock Aurora Plexi GPX-N Review

    Alphacool Eisblock Aurora Plexi GPX-N Review

    As many of you have been before, I was just recently on the hunt for a quality, yet budget GPU block for my RTX 2080 Ti. As I perused Performance-PCs.com I happened to come upon a quite gorgeous block from Alphacool. I’ve been so accustomed to seeing their older GPX series blocks which were all black metal blocks with large fins on them, which were really never up my alley, so to speak. However, Alphacool’s new “Aurora” line of waterblocks have some astonishing good looks in my opinion, and the lowest price on the current market to boot!


  10. An In-depth Look at EK CryoFuel Solid

    An In-depth Look at EK CryoFuel Solid

    When it comes to watercooling, coolant choice is one of the hardest decisions to make. Especially in 2020 when there’s dozens of different coolants to choose from. You’ll always get differing opinions on various brands of coolant if you ask around the web as well. I am frequently asked, “what coolant is best for my loop?”.



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