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Cooler Master Centurion 541 Micro ATX Case - Black

Cooler Master Centurion 541 Micro ATX Case - Black

BitFenix Prodigy MK II Mini-ATX Case - Custom

BitFenix Prodigy MK II Mini-ITX Case - Custom "Hardlined Edition"

BitFenix Prodigy MK II Mini-ITX Case - Custom "Hardlined Edition"

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We set new boundaries with the original Jack O' Lantern Prodigy mod often referenced and imitated throughout the industry. To step it up a notch and breathe some new life into the Prodigy, the ModShop has created the Prodigy MK II!

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We set new boundaries with the original Jack O' Lantern Prodigy mod often referenced and imitated throughout the industry.  To step it up a notch and breathe some new life into the Prodigy, the ModShop has created the Prodigy MK II! 

Building upon the initial success of the modded Prodigy, it was taken back to the drawing board to try to go about things a bit differently.  It resulted in a slightly different angle on the case.  We've modified the case to allow larger fans to be installed in areas where it wasn't possible in stock configuration.  The 5.25" bay assembly was removed entirely to make room, so 5.25" peripherals are not possible in this case anymore.  In the watercooled version we also removed all HDD racks, so keep that in mind!  This watercooled case is to be used under assumption that an SSD is being used and mounted wherever you have spare room!  We crammed a Phobya-brand 200mm rad in the top of the case along with an Alphacool-brand 180mm rad in the front using a custom conversion bracket so it will fit correctly, and both rads are cooled by a pair of Bitfenix 200mm LED fans as well as the case being cooled by a 140mm rear fan.   CPU is cooled via EK's new EK-Supremacy EVO copper/acetal block.  Entire loop is run via EK's PWM DDC/100 res mount unit, along with a Swiftech-brand DDC heatsink/bracket attached to hold it secure to the case on a custom mounting plate.  Sample-loop is plumbed using Primochill's Revolver hardline fittings along with Monsoon-brand blood red tubing -- you will have to (and should) re-plumb the loop as this is a sample-loop for illustrative purposes.  The new customized top now also houses the relocated power/reset/IO ports normally located on the right side panel of the stock case -- the 'aircraft-landing-pattern-bright blue' status and power LEDs were also removed as they were an annoyance at best and would be redundant.  Don't worry -- USB sticks will clear the handles just fine up there, so plug away.  This allowed the modification of the side panels to have custom full-view windows matching on both sides of the case to tie everything together.  Want to see your new sweet hard-lined loop from any location on your desk?  Now you can see your bad-ass gear from all angles!  The front panel wasn't forgotten either -- The ModShop has given it a refresh/facelift to match the new take on the mod, and make it a bit more subtle and elegant in its moddedness (is that a word?).

Wrap your mini-rig in a Prodigy MK II today!

Choice of LED fan's color (blue, green, red (shown), or white) as well as color of the mesh filters on the top and front of the case and front bezel frame (Blaze Orange, Fire Red (shown), Nvidia Green, Cool Blue, Sky Blue, and White).

Note: ** This mod is not for the faint-of-heart -- you need to know what you're doing to get your system up and running in this mod as there are very tight clearances on things such as the video card below the top rad -- it's a very tight fit.  You have to use your experience watercooling (or alternatively the internet) to find solutions to issues that could crop up.  We are not responsible for any mistakes you make with your rig nor can we offer any guidance on getting things to work!

As with any modded/watercooled item, due to shipping vibrations, etc. we highly recommend checking tightness on all fittings prior to introducing fluid to the loop.  We also recommend at least a 24-hr leak-test prior to introducing electricity to the main system!  We cannot and will not be held responsible!**

Beautifully Compact
With its subtle curves and clean lines, Prodigy is distinctly BitFenix. The compact mini-ITX body is suspended by two elegantly crafted handles that give Prodigy a solid yet modern look that makes it a perfect addition to any environment.

FyberFlex™ Composite Technology
Both the top and bottom handles of Prodigy are made from BitFenix FyberFlex™ Composite - a revolutionary material that is not only flexible, but incredibly strong. Fastened on both the top and bottom of the chassis, these handles are a convenient way to carry Prodigy, while providing added shock absorption during transport.

High-Speed USB 3.0 Connectivity
Got large files you need to transfer? No problem. Equipped with two SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports, Prodigy allows you to transfer files ten times faster than with USB 2.0.

BitFenix Quality
As a BitFenix chassis, Prodigy comes with all the extra touches fans have come to expect from BitFenix. Our FyberFlex handles are coated with none other than BitFenix SofTouch™ surface treatment, while the luxuriously coated interior and rolled-edge cable pass-throughs exude a premium feel.
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