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Evercool AMD K8 Athlon/Opteron/Sempron CPU Cooler w/ Easy Clip Design  - Sleeved

Evercool AMD K8 Athlon/Opteron/Sempron CPU Cooler w/ Easy Clip Design - Sleeved

Thermaltake Gold Orb II - Sleeved

Thermaltake Gold Orb II - Sleeved

Thermaltake Gold Orb II - Sleeved

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Thermaltake's Orb family has drastically changed from traditional square coolers to round coolers with radiant golden aluminum fins which can dissipate heat smoothly from the core to the outer fins to successfully cooling the CPU. It provides sufficient air flow and premium performance. With its pure copper base, the Golden Orb II ensures the best performance efficiently. Along with this retro design, the Golden Orb II highlights a riveting copper core. Utilizing Thermaltake's advanced welding technologies, meticulous precision, and a strong 10cm fan in the center, the heat can be dissipated from the source managing the heat rapidly.

Thermaltake Technologies , the leading manufacturer for cooling solutions, created the world's first turbine cooling component, the Golden Orb . Gamers and enthusiasts that are familiar with Thermaltake products rejoice! Thermaltake will have a new member soon, the Golden Orb II , an aerodynamic and radiant shape, totally ultra silent, high performing cooler suitable to fit today's latest technology!

The Golden Orb II Cooler is a worldwide patented design. This addition presents a rainbow-colored transparent fan with silent irradiating Blue LED Light fan which performs well at an extremely low noise of only 17dBA . It allows computer gamers and enthusiasts to breeze through their games and movies with ease and quietness. In order to further improve on cooling the monster machines of today, the Golden Orb II fully supports Intel P4 LGA 775 and AMD K8 systems . The rebirth of the Golden Orb II , a more powerful, more exhilarating design!

  • Radiate aluminum golden fin provide sufficient air flow.
  • Copper core touches the heat center directly and conducts heat quickly.
  • Silent Fan with blue LED, 17dBA only.
  • Universal design for Intel P4 LGA775 & AMD K8.
Intel Pentium 4 (Socket LGA775)
AMD Athlon 64 (Socket 754 / 939)
AMD Athlon 64 FX (Socket 939/940)
AMD Sempron (Socket 754)
AMD Opteron (Socket 940)
Heatsink Dimension
120 x 63 mm
Copper Core & Aluminum Extrusion (66Fin)
Max. Air Flow
35.43 CFM
Fan Dimension
100 x 24 mm
Max. Air Pressure
1.50 mm H2O
Started Voltage
Life Time
30,000 Hours
Power Input
3 Pin
Fan Speed
1600?0% RPM
752 g
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