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Top Power (TOP-FAN-12NB) 120x120x25mm NANOTEK Bearing Fan - Blue LED

Top Power (TOP-FAN-12NB) 120x120x25mm NANOTEK Bearing Fan - Blue LED

Top Power (TOP-FAN-12NK) 120x120x25mm NANOTEK Bearing Fan

Top Power (TOP-FAN-12NK) 120x120x25mm NANOTEK Bearing Fan

Top Power (TOP-FAN-12NK) 120x120x25mm NANOTEK Bearing Fan

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The Technology
The Nano Bearing is made of low friction plastic and dense soft metal molded into one piece. The surface of the bearing is coated with a nano layer substance to reduce friction and thus increase durability.
Multi-country Patent
Nanotechnology fan design certification of the design, by the United States, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and China formally approved by Patent.

Ultra High Lifetime
Stress-Tested in a Lab, the Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) is longer than 120,000 hours, which leads competition’s highest being at 50,000 hours of double-bearing fan.
Environmental Friendly and Low Noise
In line with the RoHS standard, less than 17dB, and maximum 43.8 CFM at RPM 1,000 120mm fan. At the same level of CFM, Nano fan has lower Rotation Per Minute and consumes less energy than that of competitor’s.

Lubricant Free. Operation in extreme temperature from -40 to 100 degree Celsius guaranteed!
In 60 degree Celsius operation environment, traditional ball-bearing and sleeve-bearing fans are likely fail due to thermal expansion contraction and lubricant dry out. In contrary to traditional bearings, Nano technology needs no lubricant. Nano fan passed rigorous test and operating 4 hours under 100 degree Celsius environments and no worries for lubricant leak or dry-out. The Nano bearing shaft has low expansion coefficient and runs smoothly in tough environment conditions.

Remark: -New production uses lubricant for easy assembling parts. Nano fan does not require lubricant. -Test setup compliant to MIL-STD-202

Waterproof, Dust-proof (IP 5 / 6)
Because there's no lubricant needed, Nano fan is both water and dust proof and compliant to EN60529: 1991-IP5X (dustproof test) and EN60529: 1991-IPX8 (water proof test).

Nano fan can be dissembled for wash and making it always stays in best condition, yielding low noise and maximizes air flow. Even the traditional ball-bearing fan with dust and water treatment, it is likely to fail due to excessive friction between the dust and rust, and lubricant leakage.


Impeller Material PBT-Black
Frame Material PBT-Black
Frame Size  120*120*25 mm
Bearing system  NanoTek Bearing
Water & Dust proof IP 5/6
LED Option
PWM Option
FG control ( Frequency Generator) Yes
Auto-Restart Yes
Starting voltage < 3 Vdc
Lead Wires 

UL 1007 AWG 24 or equivalent.
Red:+, Black:-, Sensor: Yellow or White

Size 120x120x25mm
Weight 130g
Voltage DV 12V
Current 0.2A
Wattage 2.4 W
Bearing System Nano Touch Bearing
MTBF 120,000
Noise 14.1dBA
Fan Speed 1000 RPM

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