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Custom Painting Services - Powder Coat & Cerakote

The benefits of Powder Coating is that it is a one-coat coverage without runs or drips! Our powder service now offers a complete range of colors for your own unique look and needs. Performance-Pcs.com is pleased to now offer custom AUTOMOTIVE GRADE painting services! You are welcome to inquire about custom colors of your choice that we do not have shown here.

We hope you enjoy this new selection of custom painted chassis, backplates, PSU shrouds and other PC hardware from Performance-Pcs.com.

In the mid-1980s, NIC Industries created a coating that would change the gun industry forever. They developed a ceramic-based finish that can be added to a variety of materials, from metals and plastics to polymers and wood. Cerakote was born. 

Cerakote, on the other hand, provides many different benefits and protections for parts. Some benefits of Cerakote coatings include:

  • Corrosion Resistance – Parts that are subject to corrosive environments can defend against chemical and other elements when coated in Cerakote.
  • Affordability – Cerakote is fairly inexpensive compared to other popular coatings which may not even protect as well as Cerakote can.
  • Impact Strength – Parts that are at risk of hard hits or drops are better protected when Cerakote is featured.
  • Simple Maintenance – Cerakote-coated items are very easy to keep clean due to the nature of the coating itself.
  • Temperature Control – Parts that face immense amounts of heat or cold can easier withstand the temperatures and fluctuations when coated in Cerakote.
  • Visual Appeal – Cerakote offers a clean and smooth look for the exterior of parts and products. Cerakote can also be created in a variety of colors which will barely fade over time.

A thin layer of Cerakote can go a long way. Some products and parts only need a millimeter-thick coating to benefit from Cerakote coatings.

PPCS is please to offer our professional Cerakoting Services for most any computer part imaginable!

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  1. PPCS Powder coated and UV Printed EKWB Edition Quantum Surface Radiators
  2. PPCS Cerakote Service - CPU Block
  3. PPCS Artic Series Cerakote Blocks - EKWB Waterblocks
  4. PPCS Cerakote Service - Pump Tops
  5. PPCS Cerakote Service - Fittings (6-Packs)
  6. Hyte Y60 - Pink Floyd Edition
  7. Lian Li O11D Mini Tempered Glass ATX Mini Tower Computer Case - Powder Coated Dark Green
  8. PPCS Powder Coated Chassis Service
  9. Lian Li PC-V2010B Aluminum Full Tower Computer PC Case - Marine Blue
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