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PPCS Powder Coated Chassis Service

Lian Li PC-V2010B Aluminum Full Tower Computer PC Case - Marine Blue


Performance-Pcs.com is pleased to now offer custom AUTOMOTIVE GRADE painting services! In conjunction with Bill Owens of MNPCTech we can now offer superior case painting by the masters of mods themselves.

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Performance-Pcs.com is pleased to now offer custom AUTOMOTIVE GRADE painting services!  In conjunction with Bill Owens of MNPCTech we can now offer superior case painting by the masters of mods themselves. Bills crew takes on laborious steps to carefully dismantle the chassis, clean and prep and then start a long time consuming process of sanding prep, applying 3 full coats of paint, more multiple grit sandings between each coat, followed by 4 separate clear coats. This  is followed by ample proper dry times and then the finishing touches of buffing with heavy cut compound followed by a final buff with swirl remover.

The price of this service is for the full case painting service, including disassembly and reassembly of the chassis and DOES include the case itself. If we have your case already in stock and painted it can ship same day (business days). Please allow 3 weeks time for any custom painted case that is not in stock here. Cases added to the site are in stock items in the color shown. Email us if you have more specific questions.


  • Start by sanding parts with 180 grit sand paper
  • Apply two coats of PPG DP50 Epoxy Primer
  • Three coats of paint, HoK Marine Blue 
  • Four coats of clear
  • Wet sand with 1000, 1500, then 2000 grit sand paper
  • Use buffer with heavy cut compound then again with swirl remover


Lian Li (PC-V2010B, PC-V2010-B) Aluminum Full Tower Computer PC Case- Support CrossFireX, Quad SLI. All New V Series 2008!

2008 All new V series, with new style, new structure, and better quality! No sharp edge inside the chassis, too. There are also protection kit to protect user’s hand and cables. When come to users’ safety, all the detail counts. Lian Li launched the all new PC-V1010, with all aluminum alloy chassis, round edge design with stylish look.

It’s not about needing to be big, Nor about trying to be beautiful. The All new V series is the case which functionality and style converge. Open the side panel with the tool-less latch welcome you inside, the upright removable motherboard tray, anti-vibration HDD racks, 14cm silent intake fan with filter, top mounted multi-media I/O ports, and the graphics card holder have been redesigned – because when it comes to your comfort, every detail counts
User Interface is very important key in Lian Li chassis. The external fixture, user interface, and the internal structure all has been test to meet Lian Li’s high quality standard. 2008 Lian Li launched the all new PC-V2010, with all aluminum alloy chassis, round edge design with stylish look. PC-V2010 still have the hair-line brush anodized aluminum finishing and aluminum wheels for better mobility performance.


  • Rounded edge, unlike other chassis, using 2mm to 1.2mm thick aluminum panel formed to this unique design with hair-line brushed anodized aluminum metallic finishing
  • PC-V2010 has multi-heat zones design to have better thermal solution and tidy up internal space.
  • Huge internal space fits E-ATX motherboard, and graphics card which up to 400mm long, and there are room for four graphic cards ( total 8 PCI slots). Room for 8 hard drivers, and a lot of internal space for liquid cooling system

Silent Performance:

  • PC-V2010 separated the system into two zones, allow batter air flow for better silent performance.
  • PC-V2010 using large size fans to improve the silent issue, there is a 140mm fan in the front and the 120mm fan at the rear feature low RPM with high air flow to get the best balance between silent and cooling. There is a three-speed fan controller, and factory setting as Middle(140mm fan: 980RPM; 120mm fan:1240RPM)), user can adjust to suit.
  • To reduce the noise, Lian Li designer fitted the anti-vibration rubber rings on the fan holder to absorb the vibration which cause the noise.
  • There are anti-vibration kits fitted in the chassis to stop the vibration which cause the noise.

Creative Thermal Solutions:

  • PC-V series chassis has two heat zones, one zone for motherboard, graphics card and optical drives, and one zone for 3.5” HDD and power supply unit. To separate the heat sources for better thermal solution.
  • Lian Li fitted a 140mm intake fan on PC-V2010, The fan can output high air flow volume with lower RPM to push the cold air through the HDD rack. There is a three-speed fan speed controller, factory setting to Middle (980RPM), user can adjust it to suit.
  • The case front fitted with vented 5.25” bezels, allow the cold air to enter the chassis, there are air filter on the bezel to stop dust entering the chassis.
  • There is a 120mm exhaust fan at the rear to draw the hot air out, and improve the air flow inside the chassis. Controlled by a three-speed fan controller, factory setting to Middle (1240RPM), user can adjust it to suit.
  • PC-V2010 fitted a three speed fan controller, user can adjust the fan speed to get the best balance between silent and cooling. Factory setting to Middle and user can adjust it to suit.140mm Fan: 800~980~1180RPM; 120mm Fan: 1024~1240~1500RPM.
  • Where air enter the chassis, there is a need for an air filter to hold the dust.
  • PC-V2010 fitted a washable air filter, it can easy remove from the fan unit, no tool required, and it is recyclable.
  • There are vents for optional graphics card cooler, user can choose 120mm BS-03, or 140mm BS-06 to improve the cooling for graphics card.
  • PC-V2010 equipped a vented PCI bracket, it can improve the cooling issue at the lower part of the motherboard.
  • Today’s motherboards using heat pipe solution to solve the heating problem, therefore the all new V series change the motherboard back to up-right position, and there are opening on he motherboard tray allow to air to cool the rear of the motherboard.
  • PC-V2010 fitted a 120mm fan on the graphics card holder to cool the memory and north bridge chip set. Controlled by a three-speed fan controller, factory setting to Middle (1240RPM), user can adjust it to suit.
  • Power supply unit located at the lower part of the chassis, and it can get the cool air from the bottom of the chassis. Ideal for keep power supply in lower temperature to keep in best output performance, also keep the components cold to extend the life cycle.
  • There are two openings on the rear of the top cover, for user who want to use liquid cooling system in PC-V2010. There are also two dust-free cover to cover up the openings.

User Friendly:

  • Solid side panel can be released by pulling out a latch, no tool required! User can easy access the case.
  • Hard Disk mounted with latest Anti-Vibration System. No Tool required! Simply using thumb screws secure the rubber rings on the hard disk, and slide into the HDD rack.
  • The Motherboard tray is removable. User just release two fixing thumb screws at the rear, and the motherboard tray can be released. User can put the motherboard tray on the table top, and no more working in the narrow space .
  • Front intake Fan with Air Filter mounted with thumb screws, by release the thumb screws, user can remove the fan unit, easy for service the fan or clean up the air- filter.
  • PC-V2010 has room to hold up to two 220mm long power supply units. The power supply mounted on a fixing plate, simply slide out the power supply for service.
  • Lian Li Designer putting some effect to protect user’s hardware. There is a lock at the rear of the case for lock the side panel to stop people to access the chassis.
  • There is a set of wheels at the base of the chassis, for user to move the case around, it is made of high quality aluminum alloy. Lian Li designer also put in a lock to hold the wheel in position.
  • For user who has high end graphics card, PC-V2010 fitted a graphics card holder to support the graphics card, and hold it in position. To avoid it from bending .
  • There is a Lian Li Patented power supply holder on PC-V2010, to press down the power supply, and hold it in position.
  • There are two sizes of holders include in the accessories box. User can use the right size to fit their need.
  • The multi-media I/O ports has upgraded onPC-V2010! Now the I/O ports located on the top of the case for easy access. Due to today's requirement, Lian Li designer add extra USB ports, and provide new interface, now PC-V2010 has total four USB 2.0 ports, and E-SATA connectors. There are also a dust -free cover to protect the I/O ports.



Case Type

Full Tower 


210 x 620 x 590mm ( W, H, D) 

Front bezel Material



Silver / Black 

Side Panel


Body Material


Net Weight 


5.25" drive bay (External)

3.5" drive bay (External)


3.5" drive bay (Internal)

Expansion Slot

8 (Support CrossFireX, Quad SLI) 



System Fan (Front)

14cm x 1 (3-speed 800 ~980~1180 RPM) Factory setting to Mid Speed @980RPM 

System Fan (Top)


System Fan (Rear)

12cm x 2 (3-speed 1020~1240~1500 RPM ) Factory setting to Mid Speed @1240RPM 

I/O Ports

USB2.0 x 4, IEEE1394 x 1, E-SATA x 1, HD+AC97 Audio 

A power supply is not included. To purchase a power supply please select from the list below. You can also make this case uniquely yours by using our custom case modification services. Just scroll to the bottom and choose from a variety of options.


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