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Steiger Dynamics

Steiger Dynamics

STEIGER DYNAMICS® is the leading high-end Home Theater PC (HTPC) manufacturer bringing high-end computing to the comfort of the living room. The STEIGER DYNAMICS office and assembly site is located in Redwood City, California, center of the Silicon Valley, in close proximity to our major partners and suppliers.<.p>

STEIGER DYNAMICS®' vision is to maximize the home entertainment experience with multi-functional Windows-based devices which connect to the TV and deliver the best possible audio, video, and gaming quality. By integrating Live TV, streaming, media center, home server, home automation, and high-end gaming functionality, SD’s products fully replace and supersede numerous existing devices like Streaming Boxes, Blu-ray players, DVRs, Desktop PCs, and gaming consoles.

All STEIGER DYNAMICS® systems are developed pursuing a no-compromise approach in all respects and include highest-quality components from carefully selected, best-in-category manufacturers. Our exclusive, hand-brushed aluminum chasses are designed with electromagnetic shielding, maximum quietness and minimum vibration in mind. Every HTPC is hand-assembled and tested by experts and enthusiasts who possess a fervent passion for the product and unparalleled attention to detail. The STEIGER DYNAMICS® staff is comprised of experienced video, audio and gaming experts, pioneering the possibilities of home entertainment. STEIGER DYNAMICS®' products are developed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, and the founders ensure that every system is manufactured as if it was their own.

STEIGER DYNAMICS®’ products have won numerous awards including the Top Pick badge from Sound&Vision Magazine, the Editor’s Choice Award from PC Gamer Magazine, and ‘excellent’ ratings from PC Mag and PC World. STEIGER DYNAMICS® systems are fully customizable, easy to upgrade, have comprehensive warranty and come with free, US-based lifetime support.

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