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From our beginning in 2001 THERMALRIGHT has always strived to make the best possible cooling solutions available in the computer market. We have implemented many changes in the industry, like convex cooler base and that are now widely used by in industry today. We choose the best possible higher thermal conductivity values materials, our heat pipes, base plate and fin material is state of the art. High standard product is by our possible cooling solutions art design, the premium quality of material, and the performance test many times before release it. Our Art is to keep the best Quality and Performance on our heatsink.

Our History Story: For the professional manufacture of computer radiator manufacturers, was established in 2001 in Taipei, Taiwan, Taiwan, part of the main design and manufacturing, and the United States set up in California TR-USA, mainly in the sales sector, in the past computer industry (2010) at the same time the pace of development , Also in the player market has some influence, the main products focus on computer overclocking / silent players, as the CPU performance on behalf of all the times, providing a lot of impact on the market products, 2016 and set up branch offices in Taipei, Taiwan.

Since the release of AMD’s Thunderbird CPU in 2002, THERMALRIGHT has been making high-performance heat sinks, not only for AMD processors, but Intel as well. Their current product line includes heatsinks for CPUs, GPUs, RAM, and Motherboard components. THERMALRIGHT’s primary focus is fanless heatsinks which can be used passively, making quiet computers; however many enthusiasts choose to use the heat sinks with a fan for better heat dissipation.

In the year of 2012, THERMALRIGHT established the Leetgion brand, starting to extend its business to peripheral and game related products. At the same time, THERMALRIGHT set its oversea branch, in Shanghai, China.

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