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Evercool Sidewinder Thermal Compound Pack

Evercool Sidewinder Thermal Compound Pack

Coollaboratory LIQUID PRO (100% Liquid Metal) Thermal Interface Material

Coollaboratory LIQUID PRO (100% Liquid Metal) Thermal Interface Material

Coollaboratory LIQUID PRO (100% Liquid Metal) Thermal Interface Material


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Are you looking for the ultimate thermal interface material?  Coollaboratory Liquid Pro is the first thermal interface material to consist of 100% liquid metal.  The metals in Coollaboratory Liquid Pro remain at a liquid state at ambient room temperature.  This unique composition allows Coollaboratory Liquid Pro to transfer heat eight times faster than conventional thermal paste.

To truly earn its name, Coollaboratory Liquid Pro does not contain any non-metallic additives such as silicone or oils.  Liquid Pro exceeds the performance of the best thermal pastes available on the market today by a factor of 10.  It outperforms simpler pastes such by a factor of 100!

Application of Coollaboratory Liquid Pro must be done carefully with a small, lint-free brush.  Coollaboratory Liquid Pro behaves similar to mercury.  The material should be evenly applied over the processor. After 48 hours, Coollaboratory Liquid Pro solidifies into its most optimal state to provide the best cooling performance.

More care is required when applying Coollaboratory Liquid Pro versus conventional thermal paste. If you are inexperienced in dealing with computer hardware, you may want to pick a more conventional, poorer performing thermal paste

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Comparisons to Other Thermal Compounds:


Liquid Pro is a heat conducting paste that surpasses all other heat conducting pastes, not just by a very small insignificant amount but by many times over.

Special Notes:

Coollaboratory Liquid Pro was designed for use with high quality coolers made of copper or silver. Aluminum coolers are unsuitable for use with Liquid Pro.

DO NOT USE ALUMINUM COOLERS! Do not allow Liquid Pro to come in contact with any aluminum surfaces. Aluminum is not resistant against Liquid Pro and will result in damages to any aluminum surface.

Like all metals, Liquid Pro may act as an electrical conductor. This creates no problem if applied according to the directions provided, as your cooler is a conductive metal as well. Make sure Liquid Pro Does not touch any electric components. This could lead to short circuit when power is on. If you spill some of the Liquid Pro, wipe it away thoroughly before turning your PC on. Larger quantities can be sucked away with the syringe, or use a paper towel for smaller amounts.

Note: Even non-electricity conducting heat conducting pastes may acquire electric conductibility after some time. The reason is possible contamination with dust and metal particles by the cooling fan.

Please read all instructions included with Liquid Pro before applying.

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