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EK-Velocity - AMD Nickel + Plexi

EK-Pro CPU WB AM5 Rack Ni + Inox

EK-Quantum Velocity² DDC 4.2 PWM D-RGB - AM5 Nickel + Plexi

EK-Quantum Velocity² DDC 4.2 PWM D-RGB - AM5 Nickel + Plexi

EK-Quantum Velocity² DDC 4.2 PWM D-RGB - AM5 Nickel + Plexi


EK-Quantum Velocity² DDC 4.2 PWM D-RGB - AM5 Nickel + Plexi is a unique pump-reservoir-water block combo for AMD® AM5 SocketRyzen 7000-series CPUs, and AM5 socket-based motherboards.

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  • This item: EK-Quantum Velocity² DDC 4.2 PWM D-RGB - AM5 Nickel + Plexi $366.99


EK-Quantum Velocity² DDC 4.2 PWM D-RGB - AM5 Nickel + Plexi is a unique pump-reservoir-water block combo for AMD® AM5 SocketRyzen 7000-series CPUs, and AM5 socket-based motherboards. It features the latest EK-Quantum Velocity² cooling engine that is socket-specific. The CPU water block has an integrated genuine DDC 4.2 PWM pump, which is cooled by a metal part of the water block acting as a heatsink. It is the perfect companion for ITX (SFF) builds where space for a dedicated pump and reservoir is an issue. This product effectively combined 4 distinct products into a single small enclosure.

EK-Quantum Velocity² DDC 4.2 PWM

With this water block, you will not require a dedicated reservoir either, as it incorporates a small reservoir to ease the filling process, but also to ensure the water-lubricated DDC pump always has sufficient coolant not to run dry. It has two G1/4" fill ports to account for both vertical and horizontal motherboard mounting and two sets of inlets and outlets. 

DDC 4.2 PWM Pump with a Reservoir

This pump was chosen over the D5 due to its compact design. The quiet and powerful motor, in conjunction with its size, makes it ideally suited for heavy-duty cooling in environments where space is at a premium. The main difference between this DDC 4.2 PWM and a DDC 3.2 PWM is the black cabling, SATA power connector instead of MOLEX, and 32-bit communication.

EK-Quantum Velocity² DDC 4.2 PWM

Since DDC pumps benefit from additional cooling to ensure longer life and fewer issues, the nickel-plated brass top is used as a heatsink for the pump housing via thermal pads that transfer the heat away from the pump. Two fill ports are located in the brass top. Two sets of G1/4" inlets and outlets are made on the side of the block which is made of durable black acetal.

OptiFlow Cooling Engine

EK-Quantum Velocity² series CPU water blocks embed the next-generation cooling engine named OptiFlow. They use a specific combination of mounting pressure and coldplate geometry tailored for the IHS and chiplet layout of AMD AM5 socket processors. Low hydraulic flow restriction enables these products to be used in setups using weaker water pumps or lower pump speeds for added silent operation while still achieving top performance! The lathe-turned coldplate is made with precision to effectively cover the IHS and put pressure on the die area.

Water Block Material and Manufacturing

The coldplate is manufactured out of the highest-grade 99.99% pure electrolytic copper, machined with precision for the best possible contact and heat transfer which is further nickel-plated. The middle section is made of glass-like cast acrylic that is CNC-machined. On top of it stands the DDC pump with the block top that is made of CNC-machined nickel-plated brass.

EK-Quantum Velocity² DDC 4.2 PWM

EK-Quantum Velocity² Patent-pending Mounting

Because of the integrated, sturdy stock backplate arriving with AM5 motherboards, the patent-pending EK-ExactMount mounting system was re-engineered for an even simpler installation process. The end result is an even easier-to-use and “invisible” mounting mechanism since the entire mounting system is inside the water block, and now it is a true single-piece product. The backplate is factory-mounted on the motherboard, and the spring-loaded Torx screws are integrated into the water block and are screwed by counter-clockwise rotation into the stock backplate of the motherboard.

EK-Quantum Velocity² DDC 4.2 PWM

The integrated mounting screws are engineered with a hard-stop design, so once screws reach the end of the thread, the block is perfectly mounted and tensioned. This removes the risks of over-torquing the water block and potentially damaging your motherboard and/or CPU.

EK-Quantum Velocity² D-RGB LED Lighting

This product is compatible with all popular addressable RGB sync technologies from all major motherboard manufacturers. The arrow marking on the 3-pin D-RGB LED connector is to be aligned with the +5V marking on the D-RGB header. The middle section of the block, which is made of glass-like acrylic, is lit with 14 addressable LEDs.

Technical specifications:

- Dimensions (W x D x H): 89 x 59 (Withouth mounting screws) x 113.5mm
- G1/4" ports: 6 ports, of which two are dedicated fill ports.
- Reservoir volume: 66ml
- D-RGB cable length: 50cm
- D-RGB connector 3-pin 5V digital LED header (Pinout: +5V | Digital | Blocked | Ground)
- LED count: 14
- DDC pump 32-bit communication 4-pin cable length: 75cm
- DDC pump SATA power cable length: 50cm

CPU socket compatibility:


- EK-Quantum Velocity² DDC 4.2 CPU Water Block + Pump Reservoir Combo
- Integrated DDC pump heatsink
- Thermal interface material

Made in Slovenia - Europe!


    • This product should NOT be installed with any aluminum EK Fluid Gaming parts!
    • The use of specifically engineered coolants that contain corrosion, scale, and biological inhibitors is mandatory to prevent damage to your nickel plated water block! EK is offering a selection of such products in the coolants section.
    • The arrow marking on the 3-pin LED connector is to be aligned with the +5V marking on the D-RGB(A-RGB) header.
    • DDC pumps are wet tested before shipping. While they are dried out before packaging, it can occasionally happen that the pump is deliver still slightly wet.
  • The DDC pump is water lubricated and it must not be run dry; otherwise, permanent bearing damage can occur.
  • If no PWM signal is present, DDC pump runs at 100% RPM.

Additional Info

Material / Design / Color option Nickel Plexi
Threads G1/4
Sockets AM5


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