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Optimus Foundation Intel CPU Block - Acrylic Nickel with Satin Aluminum Mount

Optimus Foundation Intel CPU Block - Acrylic Nickel with Satin Aluminum Mount

Optimus Signature V2 Intel CPU Block - Copper

Optimus Signature V2 Intel CPU Block - Copper

Optimus Signature V2 Intel CPU Block - Copper


TheSignature V2 is our ultimate CPU block. Featuring a full unibody design, the Signature V2 is machined from one massive 3.5lb block of brass, and plated with extreme corrosion resistant Pro-XE nickel and competed with the Gen2 cold plate with the finest fins ever made.

If you want the best Intel CPU cooler on the market, the Signature V2 is it.

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The Optimus Signature V2 block is our ultimate CPU cooling engine. No compromises, no RGBs, just pure performance and reliability.

Leveraging our experience in aerospace manufacturing, the Signature V2 features many industry-only and world-first features not seen in consumer-grade liquid cooling parts. The Signature V2 is the top choice for high performance PCs, from CAD and high frequency trading to CG rendering and maximum overclocking.

The Signature V2 is custom made for modern Intel CPUs, the latest 9th gen+ and HEDT models with higher cores and even higher thermal requirements. Due to the Signature V2's extreme cooling, you can achieve bigger overclocks with lower temps. If you're chasing world records on liquid, the Signature V2 is the best block in the world.


Never ones to stop innovating, the Optimus Signature V2 outdoes our own Signature V1, recognized as the best CPU block ever made. The V1 achieved numerous "world's firsts" including the finest CNCed fins, best construction and, most importantly, top cooling for the latest CPUs.

The V2 builds on the V1 and provides up too an extra 2-5 degrees better cooling. We've upgraded our cold plate to the Gen2 design with even higher surface area and finer cold plate finish. A new flow channel design takes advantage of the Gen2 cold plate, simultaneously increasing thermal dissipation and flow rate.


A CPU block is only as good as the pressure it applies on the CPU, allowing thermal transfer from the IHS to the fluid.To achieve the absolute perfect pressure, our unibody design has zero flex, even surpassing our own Foundation CPU blocks, which already set a new bar for rigidity.

Creating a unibody block means starting with a solid 3.5 lb block of US-sourced 360-grade brass. The top, legs, sides, everything except the cold plate is one single piece. Achieving this level of precision is both extremely time consuming and exacting. Any imperfections can't be covered up or compensated.


Extreme corrosion resistance, excellent thermal properties and a lifespan measured in decades. Optimus Pro-XE Nickel is a true professional finish for ultra performance PCs.


Flaking, disintegrating nickel is a widespread problem in liquid cooling. After all, nickel PC fittings and blocks prohibit use with plain water, or you void the warranty. Instead, you must use anti-corrosive fluids to protect nickel components Why? Because the industry standard electroplated (aka electrolytic) nickel is a cosmetic nickel finish that isn't meant to be used in liquid applications. Often called chrome or shiny nickel, electroplated nickel is cost effective and looks good.

Unfortunately, water, anti-fungals and fancy fluids, including opaques, will rapidly strip electroplated nickel. The gunk that will appear in block fins isn't just broken down fluid, it's often disintegrated nickel, paint and cheap plastics. If this seems crazy, it is. After all, the cheapest home faucet can handle tap water, so why can’t expensive PC fittings survive basic H2O?

Alas, eletroplated nickel is the PC industry standard. What's the solution?


Optimus parts are finished with our proprietary nickel process called Pro-XE. Pro-XE Nickel is an industrial-grade professional electroless nickel plating.Electroless is an aerospace industry finish with extreme chemical resistance, hardness and superior fluid lubricity. Pro-XE is specially tailored for liquid cooled PC components with both extreme corrosion resistance and excellent visual appearance. So why isn't everyone using electroless? Electroless is far more difficult to manufacture, especially when achieving perfect finishes needed for premium PC builds. And electroless can't achieve that easy chrome look of electroplating, which is why electroplating is the industry standard, even if it shouldn't be used.


Aside from reliability, our Pro-XE nickel is able to withstand saltwater, corrosive chemicals and, yes, even plain water.With Optimus, you can use distilled water without fear of flaking. Distilled, aside from being cheap, is also the highest performance coolant readily available. Anti-corrosive additives lower the thermal conductivity of the liquid.That's why we can offer a 10 year warranty, even with regular H2O. It has been a herculean task to create Optimus's electroless products, but the results look great and are nearly indestructible.


Taking our world's best cold plate design to the next level with the industry's finest fins, highest surface area and best heat dissipation. Our 100% CNCed cold plate sets a new bar for Intel and AMD cooling performance.


Over three years of development went into creating our truly next-level patent-pending fin technology. Using a fully CNC machining process, Optimus is able to achieve101 micron (0.1016mm, 0.004”) fins with 202 micron (0.2032mm, 0.008”) micro channels. This isn't just superior craftsmanship, it's generations beyond other fin designs.


Optimus fins and channels are perfect from first to last. It has taken years to create the tools needed for this level of accuracy, but the thermal benefits are worth it. This makes Optimus the world’s first and only truly micro CNC fin cold plate on the market. By achieving thinner fins, the Optimus cold plate has the most surface area of any CPU block available. And surface area = cooling performance.


In water cooling, there are two ways to manufacture fins: CNCing and skiving. Unlike the CNC process Optimus uses, skived fins are created by scraping a blade across a metal block, then flipping that shaving up to create a fin. While skived fins are the most common type and found in all-in-one units and water blocks, the shaving-style fins are never straight and fin collapse happens with nearly every skived plate. Open an AIO and see what has happened to the fins, upwards of a quarter of the fins will have deformed on the edges from the pressure of the o-rings and block tops, blocking flow channels, even breaking off.

CNC fins are typically much thicker than skived fins. Look at most open loop water blocks, the fins are quite large. The downside is the surface area is much lower compared to thin-fin designs. That's why the Optimus ultra thin CNC fins are the best of both worlds -- the highest surface area with CNC precision to ensure long lasting performance.


The Optimus Signature V2 features an integrated jet design to force fluid through the fins to maximize heat dissipation. Other designs on the market use a cut steel jet plate to create pressure. While cheaper to manufacture, the steel jet plates often rust and cause galvanic corrosion when in contact with the fins, causing problems in the loop. By integrating the jet design into the unibody block, the Signature eliminates steel from the loop, reducing potential for rust and corrosion. Moreover, we're able to tailor the cold plate bow to match the CPU IHS perfectly.



  • UNIBODY: US-sourced premium C360-grade brass
  • UNIBODY FINISH: Optimus Pro-XE Electroless Nickel in satin finish
  • COLD PLATE: US-sourced premium C110-grade copper, guaranteed ASTM B187 spec
  • COLD PLATE FINISH: Raw copper or Optimus Pro-XE Polished Nickel
  • O-RINGS: US-made plasticizer-free EPDM o-rings
  • SCREWS: Stainless steel cold plate screws
  • MOUNTING: Optimus-made CNCed stainless steel posts and thumbscrews


  • MOUNTING: Intel LGA-115X, LGA-20XX. Not compatible with LGA-3647
  • COOLING: Compatible with all consumer and HEDT Intel CPUs, including 18 core X-series


In The Box

  • 1 x Signature CPU Block
  • 4 x Optimus CNC Mounting Posts w/ bushings
  • 4 x Optimus CNC Thumb Screws
  • 1 x Thermal paste syringe
  • 1 x Installation instructions


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