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Swiftech APOGEE-LP (Socket 775/1156/1366) Low - Profile CPU Water-block

Swiftech APOGEE-LP (Socket 775/1156/1366) Low - Profile CPU Water-block

Swiftech APOGEE-LP (Socket 775/1156/1366) Low - Profile CPU Water-block


*** This Apogee Drive II waterblock version is bare, without the integrated pump. *** ap.o.gee: The farthest or highest point; the apex; a final climactic stage. Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, the Apogee Drive II integrated pump & waterblock returns to take its place at the helm of Swiftech's CPU waterblock product line.

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The Apogee™ LP ("LP" stands for Low Profile) CPU water-block is a high-performance, flow agnostic waterblock using the same micro-pin technology as the award-winning Apogee™ XT.

The horizontal orientation of the inlet and outlet ports facilitates installation of the block in space constrained environments such as 1U racks or Small Form Factor Computers.

Flow characteristics:


Comparative performance data:


Test setup

  • Processor: Core™ i7 920 @ 4.1 Ghz at 1.42V, HT enabled, 100% load.
  • Cooling system: MCR320 Drive radiator, with built-in MCP355 pump at 100% speed (4500 rpm), and Gentle Typhoon fans (D1225C12B5AP-15) running at 100% speed (1850 rpm).

Motherboard and CPU Compatibility

In stock configuration, the Apogee™ LP is compatible with:

  • Intel® desktop and server processors using socket LGA775, 1156 & 1366 - The Intel-universal hold-down plate is installed by default. Motherboard back plates for desktop boards class boards in 1156 and 1366 socket are included. Socket 775 back-plate is sent free of charge upon request. In server class boards, the waterblock bolts directly onto the existing motherboard back-plate.
  • Optional Part # Apogee-GTZ-AM2-HD, provides compatibility with AMD® Socket AM2, and AM3 and is fully compliant with the component keep-out specification.


AMD® desktop and server processors using socket AM2 and AM3 - Installation of the hold-plate is required.

Optional Part # Apogee-GTZ-1U-S-HD, is a multi-platform hold-down plate and provides compatibility with the following legacy sockets:

Intel® Xeon™ socket 771, and legacy 603, 604
AMD® socket F, and legacy 754, 939, 940

Due to the hybrid nature of this hold-down solution, users are advised to check for possible clearance issues with their particular motherboards by using the schematic below.


Fittings & tubing compatibility

The waterblock ships with a set of 3/8" barb fittings. The inlet and outlet port threads comply with the G1/4 specification.


The CNC machined C110 copper base plate is at the heart of the Apogee™ LP cooling efficiency. An array of micro-pins measuring 0.25 x 0.25mm (.01 x .01") reduces thermal resistance, and provides exceptional performance at low to moderate flow rates.


The housing is CNC machined out of black Delrin


Critical Dimensions


Base plate dimensions: 2" x 2" (50.5 x 50.5 mm)
Inlet & outlet port thread specification: G1/4
Assembly weight: : 6.7 oz (190 g)

*** How to obtain your free AMD mounting hardware ***

  • World; except Europe, Australia & China: email help@swiftech.com with a copy of your proof purchase (invoice)

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