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Alphacool Eissturm Gaming Copper 30 2x120mm - complete kit

Alphacool Core Storm 420mm ST30 water cooling Set

EK-Quantum Power² Kit P360 Series - Intel 1700

EK-Quantum Power² Kit P360 Series - Intel 1700

Alphacool Core Storm 240mm ST30 water cooling Set


With the Core Storm water cooling kit, Alphacool provides all the components needed to get started in the world of water cooling.

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Product Information

With the Core Storm water cooling kit, Alphacool provides all the components needed to get started in the world of water cooling. The set is aimed not only at beginners, but also at enthusiasts. The selected components are optimally matched and come from Alphacool's DIY program. The choice of materials is still uncompromisingly based on copper or brass for all metals in order to guarantee performance-oriented CPU cooling. Due to the included quick-release fastener, additional components like radiators or GPU coolers can be integrated afterwards without having to drain or rebuild the water loop.

Eisblock XPX Aurora CPU Cooler
Alphacool's Eisblock XPX Aurora CPU water cooler offers the highest performance and impresses with its outstanding quality. The patented ramp system ensures optimal water flow within the cooler as water is forced evenly through the jet plate. 81 cooling fins are distributed on the CPU cooler base, occupying an area of 34 x 32mm and thus accommodating the ever-growing CPU DIEs. The Aurora design in combination with the 15 addressable digital aRGB LEDs provides many options for outstanding CPU water cooler illumination. The included mounting hardware makes the CPU cooler compatible with popular mainstream sockets from AMD and Intel.

Core 100 Aurora Reservoir & VPP Apex Pump
The Core reservoir combines performance with design. The reservoir tube is made of acrylic, while the D5/VPP pump top and lid are made of acetal. The combination of these two materials gives the expansion tank a subtle appearance. The wow effect is provided by 12 digitally addressable RGB LEDs in the pump top and the Lighttower water effect inside the acrylic tube. The Apex VPP is a powerful pump that is compatible with the most popular D5/VPP tops and reservoirs. The pump's speed can be read out via the 4-pin fan connector and controlled via PWM signal. The Apex VPP is supplied with power via a SATA connector.

NexXxoS ST30 Full Copper 240mm Radiator V.2
All water-bearing parts and the cooling fins are made of pure copper. Thus, the NexXxoS ST30 achieves the highest thermal conductivity value of all radiators on the market and can easily dissipate extremely high waste heat. The radiator has two IN or OUT connections with G1/4" threads in the pre-chamber area. On the opposite side is a fill or vent port, which can be used to fill and drain the water loop.

Rise Aurora 120mm fans
The fans can be controlled from 0 to 2500 rpm via the 4-pin PWM connector. At 800 rpm, the fan is nearly silent, but still offers good airflow (118.9 m3/h) coupled with high static pressure (3.17mm/H2O). In addition to a wide control range, the Rise fan also offers superior digital aRGB lighting. The frame and hub feature 20 digitally addressable 5V RGB LEDs that illuminate the entire fan.

AlphaTube HF 13/10mm tubing & HF G1/4" quick connect coupling
The clear 13/10mm hose made of PVC offers comfortable handling when routing and connecting water cooling components. It has good routing and kinking characteristics and allows uncomplicated bridging of tight bend radii. The HF quick-connect coupling included in the scope of delivery allows easy integration of further components at a later date without having to drain or rebuild the water loop.

Eiszapfen 13/10mm G1/4" Connections
All the requirements for a connection are met here: Highflow, shape, machining and coloring. Special manufacturing processes firmly bond the coating to the substrate. This increases the longevity of the color and prevents the coating from flaking off.

Thermal Paste & Coolant
The included thermal paste is Alphacool's Subzero with a thermal conductivity of 16 W/mk. The electrically non-conductive Thermal Grease is particularly well suited for high contact pressures, but can still be processed perfectly due to its viscosity of 850,000 TF. Tec Protect 2 Clear in the 1 liter bottle is used as the coolant. Tec Protect 2 Clear is a ready-to-use mixture that already contains all the necessary additives and can be used straight from the bottle.

aRGB Controller, Cables, Tools & Accessories
All cables (aRGB, PWM) and controllers needed to use & control the pump, fan and aRGB lighting are included. The accessory package also includes important tools like hose cutter, filling bottle and an ATX 24-pin jumper. Thus, the construction of the custom loop can be started "out-of-the-box" immediately.


Intel: 775 / 1056 / 1155 / 1150 / 1151 / 1200 / 2011 / 2011-3 / 2066 / 1700
AMD: AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 / AM3+ / FM1 / FM2 / FM2+ / AM4 / AM5

Technical data CPU cooler
Dimensions (L x W x H) 75,8 x 75,8 x 33mm
Material cooler nickel-plated copper
Material housing nylon, acrylic
Threads 2 x G1/4“
Illumination 3-Pin 5V, 15 digital aRGB LEDs
Max working temperature 60°C
Pressure tested 0,8 Bar


Technical data reservoir
Dimensions (L x W x H) 131 x 76,5 x 76,5mm
Capacity 200 ml
Material Pump top & cover acetal
Material tube acrylic
Threads 3x G1/4“ IT
Illumination 3-Pin 5V, 12 digital aRGB LEDs
Max working temperature 60°C
Pressure tested 0,8 Bar


Technical data pump
Dimensions (L x W x H) 65 x 65 x 41mm
Material synthetic material, aluminium, ceramics
Threads 4-Pin PWM | SATA
Rotational speed 2500 - 4500 RPM
Operating voltage 8-13V DC / 14W IP32
Starting voltage 12V DC
Maximum pumping head 4,25m
Maximum flow rate 340L/h
Max working temperature 60°C
Pressure tested 0,8 Bar


Technical data radiator
Dimensions (L x W x H) 271,5 x 124 x 30mm (+/- 3%)
Material cooling fins, pre-chambers & channels copper
Material threads brass
Material outer housing stainless steel
Threads 4x G1/4" IN/OUT & 1x Fill-/Drainport G1/4"
Possible fan size 120mm
Possible fan assembly 2x one-sided / 4x both-sided
Fin density 15
Max working temperature 60°C
Pressure tested 0,8 Bar


Technical data fan
Dimensions (L x W x H) 120 x 120 x 25mm
Speed 0 - 2500 RPM (+/- 10%)
Threads 4-Pin PWM
Voltage 12V DC
Current consumption 0,65A (0,72 max)
Static pressure 3,17 mm H2O
Max. air flow 118,9 m³/h
Noise max. 31,5 dB(A)
Speedometer signal yes
Auto-Restart yes
Illumination 3-Pin 5V, 20 digital aRGB LEDs, 3.5W


Technical data tube
Dimensions (outer/inner) 13/10mm
Material PVC
Length 3m
Color clear


Technical data 13/10mm G1/4" fittings
Material brass
Threads 1x G1/4" OT | 1x tube connection 13/10mm
Color black


Technical data quick release coupling
Dimensions (L x D) 60,3 x 26,1mm
Material synthetic material
Threads 2x G1/4“ IT
Color black


Technical data coolant
Ingredients osmose water(93,8%), glysofor L (4,2%), RHOBA KLA (2%)
Boiling point 105°C
Freezing point -10°C
Packaging unit 1L bottle
Color clear (not UV-active)


Technical thermal grease
Viscosity (mPa. s) 3.000.000
Specific Gravity (g/cm³) 2,7
Thermal Conductivity (w/m-K) 16
Temperature Stability (Degree Celcius) -50 ~ 200
Color gray
Technical details  
Manufacturer: Alphacool
Socket: Intel 2011(-3), AMD AM4, Intel 2066, Intel LGA 1200, Intel 115x, Intel LGA 1700, AMD AM3/AM3( )/AM2/AM2( )/FM2/FM1, AMD AM5
Prefilled: No
Hose dimensions: 13/10mm
Radiator size: 240mm
Radiator Thickness: 29 - 39mm
Radiator Dimension: 271,5 x 124 x 30mm
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