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EK-Pro QDC Kit P360 AMD sTR/SP3

EK-Pro QDC Kit P360 AMD sTR/SP3

EK-Pro QDC Kit P360 LGA 4189

EK-Pro QDC Kit P360 LGA 4189

EK-Pro QDC Kit P360 LGA 4189


EK-Pro QDC Kit P360 LGA 4189 is an enterprise-grade kit that bundles everything a user needs to liquid cool an Intel® LGA 4189 socket CPU.

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EK-Pro QDC Kit P360 LGA 4189 is an enterprise-grade kit that bundles everything a user needs to liquid cool an Intel® LGA 4189 socket CPU. It comes with all required custom loop components – radiator, fans, pump, reservoir, manifold, quick disconnects, fittings, and tubing. As well as tools to build the loop, utility cables, splitters, thermal paste, and even a filling bottle. This kit allows you to liquid cool a W-3300 family CPU with minimum effort and great thermal results.

EK pro QDC kit p360 LGA 4189

This kit brings the following components, selected from our wide range of quality products:

EK-Pro CPU WB 4189 Ni + Acetal - a dedicated enterprise-grade water block that was specifically developed for LGA 4189 Intel® processors. The core of the new CPU water block was refined to manage the growing heat dissipation of new processors and to further upgrade connectivity options for workstation requirements.

EK-CoolStream PE 360 (Triple) radiator - 45mm thick design allows for lower fin density while allowing great cooling potential due to increased thickness. Lower fin density allows for less fan noise, as they can be run at lower speeds. This 360mm long radiator can easily cool off overclocked CPU and a GPU. Built for EK-Vardar 120mm high static pressure fans, these radiators are optimized for maximum heat dissipation across the entire fan operational range thus delivering exceptional performance at both low and high airflow operation.

EK-Pro Manifold - is a purpose-made coolant delivery system for multiple water blocks in workstation systems. It offers perfect coolant distribution by using multiple industry-standard G1/4" In and Out ports. The EK-Pro Manifold 2CPU 2GPU can support two CPU and two GPU water blocks in parallel or semi-parallel setup.

EK-Vardar EVO 120ER Black BB (500-2200rpm) - high-static pressure computer cooling fan, designed and built primarily for highest-performance computer liquid cooling systems. EK-Vardar is simply the best choice for computer radiator cooling as it provides unmatched performance throughout the entire operating range.

EK-Quantum Inertia D5 PWM D-RGB - Acetal - is a premium water cooling pump+top. It features a market-favorite genuine D5 PWM pump. PWM control allows for automatic pump speed regulation depending on your CPU temperature. Full performance on demand or whisper-quiet operation in idle mode.

EK-RES X3 150 - is a standard reservoir 150mm tall.

EK-CryoFuel Clear Premix (1000ml) - EK-CryoFuel Clear is a pure, non-toxic coolant based on the patent-pending chemical formula, which prevents the creation of any sediments in the liquid cooling loop. It contains anti-corrosive additives and prevents the formation of any biological growth.

CPC QDC - quick disconnect couplings that allow no-spill when disconnecting or re-connecting components to the loop.

HFB Fitting 10mm - Black - EK-HFB Fitting (High Flow Barb) is a soft-tube barb fitting, designed for use with flexible soft tubing such as PVC, EPDM, Norprene, silicone, or any other type of compatible flexible tube.

EK-Tube ZMT Matte Black 15,9/9,5mm - zero maintenance EPDM tubing. Prevents coolant evaporation and is very easy to maintain. Doesn't contain any plasticizer.

EK-Leak Tester - A simple tool used to test the loop for leaks. A very safe and quick way of checking and preventing any unwanted leaks.

EK-Cable Y-Splitter 3-Fan PWM (10cm) - This splitter cable enables you to connect up to 3 fans to a single source header. 

Foldable Filling Bottle - Very convenient for mixing the EK-CryoFuel concentrates with distilled water. The telescopic tube of the filling bottle can reach even the most remote and crammed fill ports.

EK-Loop Multi Allen Key - a multi-purpose tool that replaces the standard 6mm, 8mm, and 9mm Allen key, while it can also be used to operate acetal plugs (with the line style groove). The key does not only replace all of the crucial Allen key formats used for building a liquid-cooled PC but also helps protect your liquid cooling gear.

EK-TIM Ectotherm - is a best-in-class thermal compound with exceptional value for money. This thermal interface material provides an effective heat transfer and easy application between the CPU or GPU, and a water block.

The kit is easy to install, use, and maintain. Every item in this kit can be purchased separately, further descriptions and specifications of individual items can be found in the EK webshop.

The majority of components have been pre-assembled resulting in a quick and painless installation procedure. Once installed, this kit is a full custom loop solution. It can be upgraded with additional water blocks and components, such as additional radiators or GPU blocks.

This water cooling kit is compatible with the following CPU sockets:
- Intel LGA-4189



Additional Info

Threads G1/8, G1/8
Sockets Intel
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