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Quakecon 2018

Quakecon 2018 Have you ever been to a con or gaming event? If you have, I’m sure you can agree that they are not only a great place to hang out with your tech friends, but they are also great for meeting new ones. This is especially true for QuakeCon in Grapevine Texas every year. This was my second year attending the event, and it was even better than the year before!


I started the event off by meeting Garrett, our graphic designer, at the airport. We then proceeded to get to the show and meet up with the EKWB crew to get the booth set up. Everything went smoothly and the booth was all ready for the show in a few hours. Andy from Inwin showed up during this time and brought some really amazing builds along to show off at the booth. In the middle of our booth we had the new Winbot case, it was most definitely the best centerpiece we could have ever wanted. At over two feet wide and two feet tall (while it was closed mind you) this rig was able to draw in attendees far and wide. The Winbot was accompanied by a couple other custom water cooled builds as well. Namely, the adorably small A1 and the brand new 915. All three of these builds had custom loops in them with EKWB gear. We ended up bringing over $10,000 in products to sell at the event, which included our brand new mousepads, fans, delidding supplies, CableMod products, and much more. Altogether PPCs, EKWB, and Inwin ended up making a pretty epic booth, and from what we could tell, the attendees agreed!



The rest of the expo hall was filled with other vendors like MSI, Alienware and as always, BAWLS. Bethesda was also there, of course, showing off DOOM Eternal, ESO Mobile, and Fallout 76. All of which were amazing to see up close and in person. Bethesda even brought in a 20ft tall Hell Knight, which we all just had to pose by. I also saw some familiar faces around the showroom floor, such as Damon Bailey from Modders Inc, Ben Quintanilla from our Facebook Group, Kat from Swiftech, as well as Josh and Ana from Fractal Design, just to mention a few. It was once again a great time seeing so many people from the tech community in the same place.



The BYOC, or Bring Your Own Computer, LAN was absolutely massive this year. With 5,000 seats available, this LAN makes any of the others been to, pale in comparison. It’s a blast to be able to go through the BYOC area and talk with so many different builders, modders, and watercoolers about the passion that we all share. There were a ton of cool builds to check out, from crazy custom loops to full on scratch builds, you could really tell some of the best builders in the PC community were at this event.



Overall the event ended up being a lot of fun and a great success. PPCs was able to get more great products in the hands of some awesome builders, as well as make even more
friends in the tech community that we’re all in. If you haven’t made it to a QuakeCon yet, I highly encourage you to make it to the next one, you can count on PPCs being there!

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